We are pleased to welcome you on our website to introduce our innovation, our company and our 4 products: Helizym®, Helipept®, Heliskin® & Nutrelix®.

HPE Ingredients is a start-up which promotes the snail in biotechnology: it is the 1st company in the world to offer ingredients for health food, produced from snail flesh and by-products.

In France and abroad, Nutrition, Health and Wellness markets are growing really fastly.

As dietary supplements manufacturers or health food manufacturers, you are permanently looking for innovation and trying to develop your product range.

HPE Ingredients provides you with new solutions: our start-up is your partner for all your future innovations.


4 unique ingredients of natural origin

From snail flesh, HPE Ingredients produces 4 unique raw materials of natural origin:

  • Helipept®: bioactive peptides with ACE inhibitory effects, to prevent and reduce high blood pressure
  • Helizym®: an enzymatic cocktail to improve digestive comfort
  • Heliskin®: a snail extract for wound healing & skin care
  • Nutrelix®: a snail extract for joint health improvement 

HPE Ingredients

HPE Ingredients is positioned as a food ingredients manufacturer on the health & nutrition sector, in France and worldwide. We wish to develop a trust relationship with our partners and clients, and answer your specific requests.

HPE Ingredients is a simplified joint-stock company, founded in Caen in December 2015 by Pascal Drevet, professional of the food industry since 1984.

By surrounding himself with a high level of skills and reliable technical partners, Mr. Drevet is your contact to build a quality dialogue and to ensure the success of your business.

As a start-up of the Food Technology, HPE Ingredients is the result of a 5-year Research and Development program on the biotechnological utilisation of snail flesh.

We have already received several awards during innovation contests.

And we will continue on this success path with you…

Slowly, at a snail’s pace… but surely!


HPE Ingrédients

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