HELISHELL® : calcium-rich shells

Species : Helix aspersa or Helix pomatia
Raw Material : Shell
Form : Powder

Helishell® is a natural source of calcium from snail shells. Indeed, the snail shell is composed of 97.5% calcium carbonate (Caco3), 39% of which is calcium. It is a bioavailable and natural source of calcium for the body. An adequate intake of calcium is necessary throughout life to allow the formation and maintenance of a healthy skeleton. It contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer.


The latter contributes to the maintenance of a normal bone structure. An additional contribution in calcium is advised for people whose diet is not well balanced or who have particular needs in calcium, for example:

Menopausal women


Growing teenagers

For which types of consumption?

This natural ingredient in powder form is ideally suited for the preparation of dietary supplements (in capsules, tablets or powder) or animal feed and nutritional supplements.

In terms of regulations, Helitein® is a “food ingredient” as defined in the EC Regulation N° 258/97.

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