Helix Med® is a snail mucus filtrate with antibacterial effect

Thanks to the presence of a large amount of protein, Helix Med® is indicated for oral formulations or products with antibacterial effect.

It stimulates the immune system and prevents microbial infections caused by the most common bacteria which make the healing process longer. This product also reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process of acne. It has a relieving effect on the oral cavity. This raw material slow down the viral activity at the origin of labial lesions like herpes and the activity responsible for genital diseases.

Helix Med® comes in liquid form: it can be stored at room temperature, in its original packaging, with a Best Before Date (BBD) of 24 months.

For what type of use?

Helix Med® can be integrated:

  • In medical devices

On request we can supply you with our:

  • Specification sheet