Helizym® is an enzymatic cocktail to improve digestive comfort.

Enzymes contained in the enzymatic cocktail (cellulase, laminarinase and xylanase) will break down insoluble food fibres in the small intestine, allowing to aid their digestion and improving digestive comfort by reducing fermentation, bloating and digestive pains.

The product is a natural extract of snail flesh and therefore has no side effect.

The supply in Helix Aspersa snail is analysed, identified, qualified and traced.

Biotechnological processes are precise: they were tested in vivo and are calibrated by production procedures, which have been patented and filed in 2013.

Helizym® is supplied in powder form: the product may be stored at room temperature in its original packaging for a period of up to 18 months.

In terms of regulation, Helizym® is a food ingredient certified by the DGCCRF (French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control). It is not a “Novel Food”, as defined in the Regulation (EC) N° 258/97.

For which types of consumption can it be used?

Helizym® powder can be integrated:-

  • In dietary supplements for human consumption: in capsule or tablet.
  • In food (kibble, flour) for animals (poultry, pigs, dogs, cats).

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On request we can supply you with our:-

  • Product sheet
  • Specification sheet