HPE Ingredients is the first company in the world to offer innovative products extracted from the biotechnological potential of the snail.


Founded in December 2015, after 5 years of Research & Development, HPE Ingredients is a start-up of the Food Tech which operates in France and worldwide, to offer natural solutions around the issues of high blood pressure, digestive comfort, joint health, wound healing & fitness.


From snail flesh, HPE Ingredients produces 3 unique raw materials of natural origin:

  • Helipept®: bioactive peptides with ACE inhibitory effects, to prevent and reduce high blood pressure
  • Helizym®: an enzymatic cocktail to improve digestibility
  • Helitein® : snail protein rich in essential amino acids


Therefore, Helipept®, Helizym® & Helitein® are 3 food ingredients, traceable, with recognised properties. Above all, they are unique, original and innovative since HPE Ingredients is the company which developed them and is thus the only one to market them.


Nutrelix® and Heliskin® are 2 ingredients extracted from snail slime:

  • Nutrelix® is a food ingredient with recognised properties, for joint health improvement
  • Heliskin® is a cosmetic ingredient with wound healing and moisturizing properties


Helipept®, Helizym®, Nutrelix® and Helitein® are in powder form: they have to be stored at room temperature, in their original packaging.


HPE Ingredients is your privileged interlocutor, to integrate these 3 powders in the composition of:

  • Your dietary supplements for Health consumption on the wellness market.
  • Your food (kibbles, flours) for animals (poultry, pig, doc, cat).


Heliskin® is in liquid form. It can be integrated in the composition of:

  • Lotions
  • Gels
  • Creams for body/face


A relation based on dialogue and confidence, a personal advice, HPE Ingredients offers you to build together today, the markets of tomorrow.


HPE Ingrédients

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