Heliderm® liquid is a snail extract with a health application for wound healing and skin care.

This snail extract is a refined product in liquid form, extracted from Helix Pomatia snail slime, and stabilized in glycerol. It is a natural ingredient for burn management protocols and for the healing of skin lesions, thanks to its properties:

  • Wound healing
  • Tissue healing
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial

It can also be used as a skincare ingredient, which acts as a powerful moisturizer and anti-oxidant which protects, regenerates and repairs skin tissues.

It is composed of natural Allantoin, Glycolic Acid, Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans, Elastin & Collagen, for an improved wound healing process, moisturizing effect and skin treatment.

This product complies with Cosmetic Organic Standards (COSMOS) for raw materials.

This snail extract has various benefits:

  • Reduces scars and imperfections, removes damaged cells

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin

  • Helps to maintain the natural elasticity and density of the skin

  • Improves moisture retention capacity of the skin and prevents dryness

  • Helps to promote natural healing process (wound healing, tissue healing)

  • Treats acne, stretch marks, scars and burns

  • Anti-aging, reduces fine facial lines and wrinkles

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

After dermatological tests, it is non-irritating to the skin and eyes.

Heliderm® liquid may be stored in its original unbroken packaging, in a cool (<20 °C), dry and clean room protected from the sun, for a period of up to 1 year.

For which types of consumption ?

Heliderm® liquid is marketed in liquid form, for the manufacture of:

  • Lotions
  • Creams for body or face
  • Gels

On request: 

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