The markets of well-being and prevention are growing rapidly.


Indeed, there is a huge difference between a medicine and a dietary supplement.

The medicine is prescribed by a doctor to a patient.

Yet the dietary supplement consumption is voluntary, for prevention and to stay healthy.


There is a gap between taking a dietary supplement and taking a medicine.


Digestive disorders concern everyone, and everyone seek his own solutions. Blood pressure disorders are also a major concern, and not just for seniors!

Products of natural origin are the most popular, as they reassure, have no side-effect, and act on the long term to help the metabolism operating better. It is a help, healthy and easy to access.


Thus, the dietary supplements market offers a wide range of products, mainly in capsule form.

Therefore, dietary supplements manufacturers are permanently looking for new solutions, new ingredients, with recognised qualities.


In figures?

The dietary supplements market, it’s:

  • 1,62 billion € in France in 2016 (+ 5.3 % compared to 2015!)
  • 1,7 billion € forecasted for 2017
  • 14 billion € in Europe
  • 70 to 80 billion $ in the world