• 5 years of R&D, qualified technical partners, patents, results, validated processes… & many awards.
  • Slowly, at a snail’s pace… but surely,
    with a high level of professionalism.
  • Start-up of the Food Technology, based in Normandy,
  • HPE Ingredients is the 1st company in the world to offer food ingredients
  • For Health nutrition (in France & worldwide),
    extracted from the biotechnological potential of the snail.

  • Helizym®, Helipept®, Heliskin®, Nutrelix® & Helitein®
  • 5 new ingredients of natural origin for dietary supplements or animal food
  • 5 uses: digestive comfort, high blood pressure, wound healing, joint health & fitness
  • 5 innovative solutions for your future developments.


Pascal Drevet

Pascal Drevet, founder & CEO of HPE Ingredients.


Pascal Drevet

HPE Ingredients was born after a 5-year Research & Development work carried out by Pascal Drevet, professional of the food industry since 1984.

It’s a story, the story of a methodical and persevering man.

One thing leading to another, it becomes an adventure, the adventure of starting a business, creating an innovation and a niche in a global market. It’s also the adventure of a whole team.

Interview Pascal DREVET SIAL 2016 (English Subtitles)

His background Story of an innovation


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