Pascal Drevet

Pascal Drevet is the founder and CEO of the start-up HPE Ingredients.

In 3 words: 



In 140 characters:

  • Naturally cheerful and smiling
  • Calm but determined towards achieving the goal
  • Gourmand and healthy… and who wants to stay like that!



His background:

Pascal Drevet is a food industry professional.

After a Master’s degree in Food Industries Management at the Food Industry International Management Institute of ESSEC Business School, he has built his career since 1984, working as marketing & business director in various food companies, as subsidiary manager, as business development consultant and interim manager.

He has worked in different contexts, under different methods and organizations, on different types of food markets, some of which are considered difficult (meat, food cooperation, mass retail).

From his professional career, he has a strong marketing sensibility with a good anticipation of market trends. He develops a transversal spirit: target the niche market, see wide to aim a precise point!

He is an agile manager… without knowing it 😉


His skills:

  • The link between the trio Management – Industrial – Marketing: the management of transversal projects
  • Agile & leader Manager: the management of multidisciplinary teams, skills, resources
  • Strategic vision & intuition: analysis of markets, trends, techniques and applications


His motivation for HPE Ingredients:

  • Pleasure: realise himself by leading a project he likes
  • Intellectual appetite: open up the field of possibilities with a curious and calm spirit
  • To give sense: helping to develop new practices in the field of nutrition and prevention, for healthy ageing


His motto:

  • Slowly but surely,… like the snail!


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