It is our pleasure to tell you that being an exhibitor for the 2nd time in Europe’s biggest nutraceutical trade show “Vitafoods 2017” at Geneva. It was an important event for HPE ingredients to establish new business relationships and build the company’s future. 

This year was incredible that HPE ingredients made up until Geneva with CEO- Pascal Drevet and Théo, Business Developing Assistant. It was always a great opportunity to participate in an international event like VitaFoods.

The nutraceutical industry is booming and with the increasing number of exhibitors and visitors every year proves it off again. It is our privilege to be an innovator and an opportunity to present our two products:

  • Nutrelix: An extract from snail slime (Helix pomatia), for joint health improvement.
  • Heliskin: An extract from snail slime used in cosmetics and skin care.

Surprisingly, we had many visitors asking questions and brochures. It was incredible experiences during the 3 days event. We had market insights which made us truly optimistic. We are proud to experience an exhibition like Vitafoods which deeply motivated us to develop our products internationally and keep our efforts going and create strong business relationships.

See you again at Vitafoods2018!

For further information on HPE Ingredients innovative products : Helipept® & Helizym® & Nutrelix® & Heliskin®

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