HELITEIN® is a snail extract rich in protein and essential amino acids

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Species : Species: Helix Aspersa or Helix Pomatia
Raw Material : Hepatopancreas
Form : Powder

Helitein® is a powder snail extract with a high protein (+60%) and in essential amino acids. This extract contains the 8 essentiel amino acids (including BCAA): Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Methionine, Tryptophan as well as the two semi-essential amino acids: Arginine and Histidine.

The 3 branched amino acids are the most important amino acids in case of a sports program. Indeed, a supplementation in BCAA after the effort allows to stimulate the protein synthesis and the muscular growth and so to improve the recovery.

With its high content of essential amino acids, Helitein® is comparable to eggs (regularly cited as a reference for its protein richness and essential amino acid composition). On this graph you can see the comparison of the concentration of essential amino acids in snails and eggs.

In addition, Helitein® includes a high carbohydrate and lipid intake. After a physical effort, energy reserves are at their lowest. It is therefore necessary to provide a source of carbohydrate and lipid energy in order to spare the amino acids that will be used for muscle synthesis.

This ingredient, derived from the biological potential of the snail, is very easy to digest and allows a better assimilation of proteins. It can be produced from the hepatopancreas of Helix Aspersa or Helix Pomatia.


Our ingredient, used in the development of protein supplements of very high nutritional quality, allows:

To stimulate muscle development

A quick recovery after a muscular effort

To intervene in the context of a protein or high protein diet

A complete supply of amino acids to ensure proper cell function

For which types of consumption?

This natural ingredient in powder form is perfectly suited for the elaboration of dietary supplements (in capsules, tablets or powder) or pet food and nutritional supplements.

In terms of regulations, Helitein® is a “food ingredient” as defined in the EC Regulation N° 258/97.

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