The mucus of snail is secreted by the supra-pedal glands of the foot of the snail. This biological substance is made up of many active molecules (allantoin, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, peptides…), and covers the whole body of the snail.

Its properties are numerous and were in particular studied by the researchers of the university of Ferrara (Italy).

Here are its principal properties:

  • Bio-adhesive: allows snails to adhere and move on any type of surface, even vertical
  • Moisturizing, emollient, protective: since snails move by crawling on the ground, the mucus protects their bodies and keeps them hydrated (Gentili et al., 2020)
  • Antimicrobial: the mucus protects the snail from external aggressions. A protein complex has been identified by researchers at the University of Ferrara (Bortolotti et al., 2016)
  • Regenerative: snail mucus exerts pro-survival, pro-migration and proliferative effects on human fibroblast cultures (Trapella et al., 2018)


These multiple effects originate from the complexity of snail mucus composition, which can vary depending on rearing and secretion conditions. Thus, it is not possible to synthesize similar products in the laboratory, but this potential can be exploited naturally.


Patented, cruelty-free extraction processes have been developed to produce snail mucus with distinct properties:

Helix Protect: a mucoadhesive snail mucus filtrate, capable of generating a protective film and protecting mucous membranes (acid reflux, ulcers…)

Helix Complex: a filtrate of snail mucus for skin care (moisturizing, emollient), which protects against external aggressions and pollution

Helix Med: an antimicrobial snail mucus filtrate for the treatment of inflammatory acne (bacterial origin) and viral skin disorders

Helix Repair: a snail mucus filtrate with regenerative and healing properties, to facilitate healing and scar reduction


These products are entirely natural and are the result of several years of research. They can be used in the formulation of cosmetics (with Helix Complex) or medical devices.