HPE Ingredients is a company created in Caen (Normandy – FRANCE) in December 2015 by Pascal Drevet, an experienced food industry professional since 1984. It is the first company to demonstrate the benefits of using the snail in biotechnology, as ingredients for health food produced from snail flesh and by-products.

After 5 years of Research & Development, HPE Ingredients operates in France and worldwide, offers solutions of natural origin which are available in bulk (raw material or capsule) or in finished product (possibility of Private Label).

As dietary supplements manufacturers or health food manufacturers, you are permanently looking for innovation and trying to develop your product range? HPE Ingredients is your partner for all your future innovations.

The company has surrounded itself with a high level of skills and reliable technical and scientific partners. HPE Ingredients have already received several awards in competitions promoting innovation. This is why Pascal Drevet is your contact to build a quality dialogue and to ensure the success of your business.

And we will continue on this success path working with you, our trusted partners and clients…

Slowly, at a snail’s pace… but surely!



HPE Ingrédients

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