Helix Repair® is a snail mucus filtrate with healing effect

Helix Repair® is a snail mucus filtrate rich in active substances such as glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and allantoin which has healing properties.

This ingredient can be used in the conception of tissues repair products (sutures, gauze, pressure sore treatments or creams).

Helix Repair® restores and regenerates the skin, accelerates the healing of abrasions, superficial wounds, and mild burns. It soothes local skin irritations caused by physical agents such as the sun, cold, wind or dehydration. It also reduces the risk of developing keloid scars, thanks to its ability to rearrange the cytoskeleton.

Helix Repair® comes in liquid form: it can be stored at room temperature, in its original packaging, with a Best Before Date (BBD) of 24 months.

For what type of use?

Helix Repair® can be integrated:

  • In medical devices


On request we can supply you with our:

  • Specification sheet
  • Scientific publications