Helix Repair® is a snail mucus filtrate with mucoadhesive properties.

Helix Protect® is a snail mucus filtrate rich in mucopolysaccharides which has mucoadhesive properties. Thus, this ingredient is able to form a protective barrier to protect the mucous membranes against irritating substances.

This product is indicated to treat and prevent gastric disorders such as ulcers and inflammations caused by gastro-oesophageal reflux.

Helix Protect® comes in liquid form: it can be stored at room temperature, in its original packaging, with a Best Before Date (BBD) of 24 months.

For what type of use?

Helix Protect® can be integrated:

  • In medical devices


Helix Protect® is developed by the University of Ferrara (Italy). Their research work has demonstrated its mucoadhesive properties (see figure 1).

Figure 1: Demonstration of the mucoadhesive properties of Helix Protect®. Helix Protect® forms a protective film for the mucous membranes.


On request we can supply you with our:

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