We are happy to be invited by our partner in Vietnam  to participate in the two customer seminars, which was successfully organised in Hanoi (on 27th August 2019) and Ho Chi Minh city (on 29th August 2019).

Our distributor has been operating in the industries of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics. He has two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, more than 75 staff and they are now representating more than 40 producers across the world, mostly from Europe (France, Germany, Italy,), America and Asia (Japan, India, Thailand, Korea, China…)

In addition to our intervention, two other manufacturers have presented in these 2 seminars:

GENOSA, Spain (leading manufacturer and supplier of health supplements extracted from Olive fruit)

– ENTERA HEALTH, Usa (specialised in research and productions of nutritional supplements).

Approximately 140 attendees (R&D, Technicians, managers, technical directors, purchasing managers) came to the two seminars from reputed food supplement companies  in Vietnam.

We believe that all of our efforts put together with good cooperation both technically and commercially will contribute to our success stories.

HPE are now known heard in mind of customers for novel nutraceutical solutions named Helipept, Helizym, Helitein, Nutrelix, Helitein.

« The feedbacks from customers are positive and they are ready to go for the future projects », by our distributor. 

And we would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone and being part of these well-organised seminars.