HPE Ingredients becomes the exclusive distributor of the products of the Italian company Helix Pharma.

Helix Pharma works in collaboration with researchers from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ferrare. The company has been performing remarkable R&D work on snail mucus for several years. It designs and produces high quality raw materials, characterized and standardized, valorising this secretion.

The certification of Helix Pharma makes these raw materials suitable for the production of controlled and safe medical devices.

In addition, thanks to a sterilizing microfiltration, all these products are guaranteed without preservatives.

The company has patented its production chain (N ° 102017000117547) and its extraction system (WO2013011371A1) which makes Helix Pharma products the only ones based on snail mucus to be guarantee “cruelty free “.

Each product has its own properties: antibacterial, healing, antiviral or antifungal.

We have selected these products because they are complementary to ours and they are designed to provide the highest quality products possible.

Thanks to the latest generation of scientific skills and technological equipment, Helix Pharma is capable of carrying out advanced research. They are able to guarantee and scientifically prove the effectiveness of these products.

The scientific studies executed on these products have been the subject of publications in: New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists, Scientific Reports, British Journal of Biomedical Science, Rivista Di Agraria…